Our basic values

Our basic values ​​represent our corporate culture, who we are and what we stand for. We are always looking for new employees with the right DNA. Take a look whether you fit in with us:

Together we are strong

Collaboration is key. Finding the right solutions together with customers and suppliers and achieving the best results together with your colleagues. Our people are the foundation of our company. We are working with a diverse team, so that experience and new ideas can reinforce each other. At Elka Pieterman "Success is booked together!"

Grab your opportunities

The world around us is constantly changing. These dynamics require continuous development of people and organizations. Therefore it is important that our people are resourceful and proactive. At Elka Pieterman we also believe that you yourself should grab your chances with both hands. Be ambitious and think further. Allowing yourself to grow as an individual and as an organization.

It all starts with passion

The passion for our profession, ensures that an enthusiastic and passionate team has been ready to help our customers. Passion helps us to pursue our goals. It leads to new ideas and innovation. You can only make the real difference with passion. This allows you to surpass expectations.

Attention for each other

Daily we are working together with respect and enthusiasm. By listening to each other and our customers, by actively asking questions, we are growing and developing togther. Integrity and reliability are important values for us. It is part of who we are and who we want to be. The importance that we attach to our people has led to our motto: "It's all about people!"